Tuesday, August 28, 2007

sense of normalcy

second day into it. saw the eclipse last night, you used to be able to rule a whole empire with an eclipse. the immediate and vast capacity of specialized knowledge to impart priesthood. now nobody even notices. i was reading about light pollution and apparently there are not a single place left in the world where there is historical darkness, nowhere. all those twinklers gone until we turn off all the lights. imagine a global blackout and the sudden burst of stars we would see. we need darkness, security lighting is a farce, we're unhealthy because of the street lights, i plan on investing in a set of thick curtains stat. what a knife blade we walk, trying to get to our dream-self. so many tiny distractions that can shunt us off into something we never expected to get caught in. species in overdrive, no time to lose what's not useful, no time for our genes to adapt. bumble on!

1 comment:

Edward C. Foster said...

That Eclipse wasn't nothing.

Just a big fat waste of time.