Wednesday, March 5, 2008

plastic recycling appliance

Everything should either be a technical or biological nutrient.

Think about all the plastic items we may be using every day. Some of it we recycle, some of it we donate when we’re done, and some we just throw away where it’s buried in the ground or thrown in the ocean and never goes away. But what if we kept all the plastic we got, and reused it in our own home?

In any household there are large appliances. I think there should be another appliance to buy. A recycling bin, an oven, and a 3-D printer in one. All the plastic items we’re done using can be fed into this machine, where they’re melted down and used as the raw material to print out new objects. Programmed presets would satisfy most needs. Coat hangers, bowls, cups, planters, boothbrushes, bottles, buckets... you could print out pieces of a chair and bolt them together. Enough bricks to make a house. When you were done with an object, feed it back into the appliance and make a brand new thing

The technology is there, currently looking for investors.

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