Monday, October 20, 2008

air traffic controlling

i couldn't find any music stored on my computer that i wanted to listen to so i turned to the web...

radiolab -
is a great program, i listened to the episode they have in the 3rd season all about zoos. i like the story about the zoo in spokane washington that was the first to put captive born gorillas in an outdoor cage with grass & trees & rocks. it's great and reminded me of the enigma of kausper hauser by werner herzog which is about a man who was raised in a small room with no human contact and then is suddenly left in the middle of the town, naked. the head gorilla came out into the enclosure and walked around, sat down, stared up at the sky where crows were flying, looked in a small pool made in the artificial creek, and then noticed the humans, standing just on the otherside of a large glass window. The gorilla dug his hand deep into the sandy soil and pulled out the one piece of concrete rubble that somehow escaped the construction crew who had specific instructions to remove anything a gorilla might be able to pick up and throw and held it aloft. then he set it down, walked over to the creek and his family joined him in the sunshine.

air traffic control
this is a fantastic site that streams live feeds from air traffic control towers all across the world. there are long stretches of silence but sure enough someone always wants to land or ask about the weather. check it out!

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