Saturday, January 17, 2009

short circuit

back from the yearly migration to portland and back with stops along the way.

met dakota who pulls a 6000lb wagon with three horses all across the western US. he's been doing it for 20 years. he has a magic about him that draws people in. he's living proof that you can live any way you want to.

(photo by Chuck Edwards)

for lots more information and a newly minted online presence for dakotah visit his myspace page (!) what follows is an excerpt from the myspace blog by Chuck Edward's, who was drawn into Dakotah's world and is keeping an ongoing chronicle of Dakotah's passage through Northern California.

"The rain gauge on the side of Dakotah's wagon read three inches since he set up camp. The combination of rain, sleet and snow, set the wheels of his 6,000lbs wagon to a depth of five inches.

The three horses of Dakotah's team pulled gallantly to free the wagon; but, to no avail. I received a call from Mr. Nathan Hodges Sunday afternoon. Dakotah's satellite phone was unable to connect to the network as he sat alongside Highway 101, and without the ability to reach the outside world, Dakotah sent a request for help via Mr. Hodges. Mr. Hodges was traveling from the Bay Area on his way to Oregon for Christmas when saw Dakotah and stopped after he saw the wagon and horses."

so that's that. stay tuned for non-stop blogging action and a big sense x2 FUN GUN POLL.

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