Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dreams Are the Sun & the Earth Speaking to Us

An still image of the earth's magnetic field, a dynamic system wiki here

A very odd study recently published in the Medical Hypotheses journal correlates the bizarreness of dreams with local fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field.

Darren Lipnicki kept meticulous records of his dreams for 8 years and then scored them on a 5-point ranking of strangeness.

On the low end were mundane dreams - "I am sitting at a table doing some maths or physics homework."

In the middle of the scale were the possible but unlikely - "A friend is in the backyard of my house, building a wooden platform atop of 7-foot high stilts."

And into the zone of being unlike Darren's waking reality - "I was stranded on a foreign coastline with a monkey that spoke English and a woman that suddenly became small, almost doll-sized. Then I was at home."

He found that it was during the times when geomagnetic activity was least that he had the strangest dreams.

An image of the sun's solar wind bombarding the earth's magnetic field. wiki here

Geomagnetic activity is caused by solar wind bombarding the earth's magnetic field with supercharged plasma. Fluctuations in the magnetic field, in turn, affect the Telluric currents. Telluric currents are the vast rivers of electrical energy that flow through the ground. They make earth batteries work and powered the telegraphs. They are used by industrial prospectors to find oil, ore, water, faults, and magma chambers. It's like the sun's energy is being sung by the earth. These giant fields of magnetic and electrical force swarm all around us and buzz, zapp, and frazzle our brains, just like a big solar storm could wipe out the electrical grid. In addition all of our electrical appliances and power infrastructure emit electro-magnetic fields, potentially further affecting our dreams.

BUT it was only when the geomagnetic activity decreased that Darren's dreams turned strange. And what are strange dreams? Many people do not consider the dreamworld any less real than our waking world. Isn't it strangest of all to dream a world just like the one you're awake in?

this is all too silly, but i would suggest not sleeping with your laptop under your pillow.


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