Friday, May 28, 2010

Archstoyanie wins the day

0nce again everybody's favorite russian architecture festival event Archstoyanie brings us pure joy

the standout for me, being landscape inclined, is a project by Atelier 710 that use the grounds of the festival to create a sort of lo-fi ecological/agricultural park using specific landscape-making tactics and recipes.

They outline both the tools and the ideology of their project,

(from the project statement here)
Atelier’s working principles include traditional landscape architecture means – trees leveling and heading, seeding the territory, gardening, building wood seats and pathways – as well as new experiences and means of landscape creation.

“Atelier 710” follows ecological principles and deny integration of alien systems and reject the idea of territory development via destructive urban approaches.

the project is planned for many-years-process where gradually developing functional elements will give birth to new life in old lands.

They want to grow a landscape using non-destructive practices, enriching the ecologic landscape at the same time as they create a new human landscape.

hard to tell just what they did, mowed and put out some cows to graze? always hard in practice, but the direction they're going is where we should be headed: a process-based pro-biotic method of creating functional productive landscapes. no problem!

some of the other highlights from the Summer 09 series:

Hyperbolic cooling tower


Brodsky's rotunda

and the wood they use!

check the archstoyanie archives there are some real gems:


GracieZ8 said...

this is so great!

Forge Ahead Construction said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this, I'd never heard about it before.