Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bigfoot UPDATE... pictures of specimen released!

okay, so the first leaked images are out on the web.
all these images are from www.searchingforbigfoot.com and www.cryptomundo.com

This is completely fascinating. There are of course two possible explanations:
1. that this is indeed a large humanoid primate that has been living in the swamps of georgia.
2. that this is a hoax, an elaborate prop constructed using the same technologies & attention to detail that is seen in the movie industry. If that's the case it will be quickly verified as such as soon as anyone outside the immediate associates of the men who discovered it is able to examine the physical specimen. Given the considerable sums of money involved (there is a $1,000,000 reward for the first bigfoot specimen) this body is bound to undergo careful examination by impartial third parties. If it is determined to be a fake then the men involved will have had 15 seconds of fame and nothing more, perhaps some vestigal t-shirt sales and of course one whollop up side the head of the cryptozoology community. this, in my mind, makes me wonder why they would go through the trouble time and expense of such an elaborate hoax... what is the payoff?

if the body is indeed real, then it raises some interesting questions...
for example, what level of protection should be given the habitat of this creature? what level of intelligence does it possess? how can we keep millions of enthusiastic bigfoot hunters from swarming the swamp of Georgia to get a look at this beast's kin?

in some ways, keeping the sasquatch mythical has protected it from the greed & meddling that involvement in human affairs always brings. once it is known that they do exist, and they're flesh and blood, there's the real possibility of a storm of hunters descending on the forests to flush out the last remaining sasquatch, burn their habitat and chase them into the city where they'll beg for handouts on the street corner, smelling bad, hairy, dirty, and avoided like the rest by the upstanding citizens of U.S.A.
I suggest if this is indeed real, we immediately cordon off the largest tracts of forest left remaining in the U.S. and Canada, declaring it off limits under penalty of law, and give them the land they need to survive. Could it be possible that the first human-like intelligent life we find won't have extrasolar origins but come creeping from the woods out back?

tomorrow morning on fox news the man who is in possession of this body will be interviewed, then on Friday there's a press conference in Palo Alto where additional evidence will be released. Stay tuned for updates.

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lilfeathers2000 said...

Thanks for the pictures. Much clearer than on Crypto. who by the way seems to be dragging in last in the info dept.