Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bucky was almost right

Buckminster Fuller proposed building massive domes over entire cities, large enough to have their own weather and float suspended on the cushion of warmed air that they created. A truly awesome vision.

Here on Alcatraz Ave we're facing a couple of problems. Rats eating our vegetable starts, pollution from the busy roads, and a cool canyon climate created by the shadow of the building next door. The solution is to scale down Bucky's dream from massive infrastructure to the home. A simple large greenhouse would be built to cover the entire lot, dug down it would keep out rats, a double walled skin would moderate the temperature, and block air pollution. Integrated rainwater capture would feed into precision targeted irrigation, allowing for year-round food production, aquaculture of tropical fish species, and maintenance of a Living Machine-type wastewater treatment system.

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