Friday, March 26, 2010

AARC Memo 1 - Radioshack

We are pleased to announce that the Animals in Advertising Royalty Concern protest organization has successfully mailed a notice of the wrongful use of an animals image in advertising to the Radioshack Corporation for their abuse of both the grizzly bear and bald eagle.

The final paragraph from the memo sums up the position of AARC

Beyond the factual and ecological errors in these advertisements it is the overwhelming sense of sadness that is evoked by these images that forms the basis for AARC's action. We as humans have so completely and irrevocably altered the world in which we live that the existence of the grizzly bear and bald eagle is dependent on the power of our collective conscience to stay the hand of unbridled growth. By no means are we required by the law of humans to honor the beauty and individuality of all life, but we are given a choice to do so. AARC deeply hopes Radioshack has the courage to make the right decision and give the grizzly bear and bald eagle the respect and freedom they deserve. (For full text of letter click here)

AARC is calling for Radioshack to accept their corporate responsibility and donate an appropriate amount to two non-profits who are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of these two animals.

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