Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mountain Lions

Last week while we were vacationing in southern Oregon I read in the local paper that a cougar had been shot over on Whiteschoolhouse Road. There's a herd of miniature horses in the area and apparently this cougar had been culling. A team of trackers from Selma OR were called in and within a few hours they had shot the 6ft long female cougar. Date, August 27th.


When I get home I read in the news that on August 31st a cougar had been tracked and shot in the upscale gourmet neighborhood of North Berkeley.

Based on the newspaper account I put together a Google Map that shows the route of the cougar through North Berkeley and key points along the 1 hour and 13 minute hunt. Interestingly she makes a large loop through the neighborhood, ending up only 300ft from where the chase began. Returning to a kill? Returning to a den? With young? Not sure, but I hope to stop by the area tomorrow (A memorial has been set up at the corner of Cedar and Shattuck) and retrace the hunt, giving the few blocks around the abandoned Elephant's Pharmacy a quick search.



View Cougar Chase in a larger map


martha said...

the kid in the picture is Dakota. I had him in Bible Release. He has the most golden eyes I have ever seen. That sure is a skinny cat. Don't think she was eating very much. Dad always says they are abundant in city areas. Very able to adapt.

A. Harker said...

On a similar note: